Thursday, February 23, 2012

Feeling stuck... Tired of trying?

Feeling stuck...
tired of trying?

Maybe it's time for a little creativity...

Have you been telling yourself to get to the gym or that you need to get out and walk regularly? Is your self talk telling you to stop the endless snacking, to get more sleep, or to get your endless worrying under control? Whatever your challenge, how can you get started and then keep moving?
Remember, as a child, spinning yourself around until you were dizzy? You would fall down and suddenly you would see the world from a whole new place.
Take a minute to spin right now. Literally spin if you are feeling playful, or do it figuratively if you're not sure you want to chance falling. Look at your problem/challenge from a different perspective. What's come into view with this new perspective? Maybe it's asking yourself rather than telling yourself what to do. "What will I do today to bring more movement into my life?”, rather than I need to, or I should exercise more. "What will I eat that is good for my health today?, instead of I will not snack after supper.

New perspectives can be like clues on a map that help lead to the treasure we are searching for. One perspective may lead you right to where you want to be or you may need to find other perspectives. The possibilities are endless and there are multiple right answers. Be persistent. There is an answer that is right for you. Opening ourselves to new ways of thinking about our challenges and doing things in a new way creates energy and it can be fun!

This journey to wellness is like starting off on a long hike. It requires taking one step at a time. Every step, no matter how small, moves us forward. Take the time to enjoy the views along the way. They may help you uncover even more possibilities. Look forward so that you see where it is you want to go. Look back to see how far you have come. Look sideways and see what’s here with you right now. Look down to see what’s supporting you. Use your wide angle lens to see the big picture.

Embrace the journey. Enjoy!