Thursday, October 15, 2009


Nature is bursting with color in New England !

Just as each tree has its unique color pattern that expresses its beauty,
we each have our unique mix of strengths that help us to express our
best selves.

Many people (and I include myself in this) find it easy to list their
personal faults, but struggle when asked to list their strengths.
We seem to have been conditioned to improve things by finding
what needs to be fixed rather than by building on what is going right.

Ponder this for a moment...

As you strive to make changes in your life you have a choice.
You can make a list of everything you do not like about yourself
and start fixing those one by one OR you can look carefully
at all that is going right, notice how and why those things are
working for you and then use that quality foundation, THOSE STRENGTHS
that you already possess, to move yourself towards greater wellbeing.

I invite you this month to take some time to explore your strengths.
Think about how those strengths might help you
at work, at home, and at play.

If you are struggling to identify those strengths, I recommend
going to:

It is free to register. Scroll down the questionnaires and you will find a
couple that are helpful in identifying strengths.

Discover what is working for you.
Build from that strong foundation.

Be Strong, Be well.

Care for the Caretaker

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