Monday, November 2, 2009

Winterize Your Wellness

I'll bet you have buttoned up your house for the winter,have at least
started to clean up the yard,have thought of what you need to do for
your car before it gets much colder.

How about your wellbeing? Short,cold days make getting outside difficult.The stress of holidays (good or bad) can be overwhelming. You may be feeling the natural rhythm of wanting to move into some form of hibernation.
To help maintain or improve your wellbeing, you need a plan.

It's time to winterize your wellness.

Start by taking inventory of what you are grateful for in life.
Gratitude is a powerful way to spark your motivation.
Use that motivation to design your plan.
In my newsletter, "Learn to Maximize Your Energy", I talked about
physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy and how,
to be at your best, you must find the right balance of challenging
and renewing those energy sources.

Let's see how you might winterize your physical energy,
keeping it at its best through the next few months...
Ask yourself these questions?

* What will get in the way of my staying physically
active this winter?
* What strategies can I put in place to meet those

Make a list of different ways to stay active. Brainstorm
as many ideas as possible. Go wild, write down everything
that comes into your head no matter how crazy it may seem.
Let yourself think outside of the box. Next, look over that
list and pick out some activities that might actually work
for you. What could you really commit to doing on a regular
basis? Write your plan down. Post it where you can see it often.
Remember, your chances of succeeding are good if you put your
attention on your intention. Use this same process with
whichever energy source(s) needs some winterizing.

Have fun, stay well.
Celebrate what's right with your life!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'll be posting all my ideas for staying physically
active and hope you'll be back to do the same. -Pat

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